S-I WebQuality Protection For Your Professional Image

Does Your Web Site Make You And Your Organization Look Incompetent?

Many Web sites, including those of well-known enterprises, seem to have been designed by technicians who lack skill in English writing. Almost all sites contain errors that should have been corrected before being displayed to customers and prospects worldwide. They suggest a careless attitude toward quality, and may even raise doubts about the standards of competence and quality in the associated organization.

Great Graphics And Technology Aren't Enough

Even though your site may have been crafted expertly with the latest in Web technology and the most attractive graphics, small mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and English usage can easily destroy the overall effect. And such errors are noticed, even by people who aren't especially critical of writing. One mistake is usually overlooked, but two or more can make your visitors wonder, "Didn't anybody check this page? Is this their idea of quality?" Doubts like these are the last thing you need when you're trying to attract and keep customers.

No C-

WebQuality Corrects Mistakes That Can Give You A C- Image

We don't rely on spelling- or grammar-checking software. Carefully supervised by a highly-educated (Ph.D.) computer professional, Web designer, author, and teacher with proven skill in writing, our expert staff will proofread each page of your Web site, then double-check them. Every error in English grammar, punctuation, and usage will be corrected. Still, the final word must be yours: We'll explain our corrections plainly, and you can decide which (if any) you'll accept.

We never alter content or meaning, although we sometimes offer corrections that you may accept to improve your site's tone, impact, and general impression. See Popular Writing Errors for a few examples of the mistakes we continually find.

Here's how it works:

  1. Use our order form to send us the URL of the site you want us to WebQuality, and to tell us where to return our results.

  2. We'll proofread the home page and each of your own linked pages, and note corrections where needed. We'll then e-mail the corrections to the address you provided on the form, along with our WebQuality Report that explains each correction.

  3. After you receive our WebQuality Report, you can decide which of our explained corrections to accept. We won't charge you for any correction you don't accept; and we'll ask only $2 for each one you do accept. For our proofreading service, we'll ask $6 per letter-size page or form (minimum two pages). Example: If we proofread three pages for you, and you accept only two of our five corrections, we'd ask just $4 for corrections, plus $18 for proofreading.
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